The Benefits of Investing in Energy-Efficient Windows

Are you trying to remodel your home or simply need to replace your windows? Either way, getting energy-efficient windows is always a smart move. The reasons are plenty, but the most important is your protection from the weather and unwanted guests. You can also find that replacement windows improve the energy efficiency of your house overall. While investing in energy-efficient windows sounds reasonable, there are plenty of essential aspects to know. This blog will give you valuable insights into the benefits of investing in energy-efficient windows. 

How Do Energy-Efficient Windows Work?

Energy-efficient windows essentially work by preventing heat loss or making a living in your house more comfortable. Several technologies go into making energy-efficient windows. First, we’ll discuss these technologies:

Double and Triple Pane Windows

Window panes make up most of a window, so they are most vulnerable to weather. You should consider double and triple-pane windows if you are looking for optimum heat insulation. Double-pane windows are adequate in a traditional prairie-like climate. For regions with harsher weather, triple-paned windows are the most efficient. Remember that windows with triple glazing are usually 10-15% more expensive.

Krypton and Argon Gas Filling

Another great technology that makes windows energy-efficient is filling the space between the panes with argon or krypton gas. Filling these spaces seals the panes shut, preventing heat loss and gain because these gasses conduct half as much heat as air does. 

Low-E Coat

Low-E Coated glass is used to help deal with the UV rays from the sun. It works to block up to 90% of the sun’s rays. The coating reflects long-wave infrared energy, or heat, away during the summer and reflects the energy back inside when temperatures are colder. This coating works similarly to a thermos by reflecting interior temperatures back inside, aiding in regulating your home’s temperatures. Several combinations of this glass coating can be used for different circumstances. 

Reasons to Invest in Energy-Efficient Windows

Should you make a bold decision and put your money into replacing your old windows with new energy-saving ones? Let’s find out.

Increased Insulation

Because of their double (or triple)-pane design and the inert gas components, energy-efficient windows allow much better insulation. Insulation prevents air leakage, so you retain warm and cool air indoors.

Low Utilities and Energy Bills

Thanks to energy-efficiency technology, you no longer have to rely heavily on your HVAC system for air conditioning. You will have better control of the temperatures in your home and save a great deal on the utility costs of maintaining and keeping the HVAC system running. Energy-saving windows reduce the reliance on your HVAC system, especially the older versions that still require the use of fuel or gas. Energy Star-certified windows are about 20% more energy efficient than the average window.

Noise Reduction

Because your windows are properly insulated, they reduce the noise outside your window. When you install energy-efficient windows, the sounds of traffic or harsh winds will no longer concern you. 

Protection of Your Property

Sunlight can fade your home upholstery over time. Energy-efficient windows block the UV rays from the sun. This helps protect the color of your carpet, paint, and wood to ensure they retain their original state.

Factors Affecting Energy-Efficiency

Three major factors affect the energy efficiency of any window: 

The U & R Values

As a consumer, you want a product with a lower U-factor that represents better energy efficiency. The U-factor is how fast or slow the windows conduct heat, not from the sun. For windows, the U-factor may represent the glazing. R-value goes hand-in-hand with U-factor and refers to the insulating level of the particular window. In other words, it indicates how well it keeps heat in your residence. The glazing is the main contributor to R-value, and you can improve this value with additional panes. The higher the R-value, the better the energy efficiency.

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

This is the heat from the sun that gets in your house through absorption by the window, which ends up being the heat in your room. So, a lower SHGC means less solar heat will be transmitted to your house through windows.

Energy-Efficient Windows with Vista Windows & Doors

Energy-efficient windows help to create an environmentally friendly home. They are well worth investing in because the benefits they create are plentiful. Ensure that the temperatures that make your home comfortable are the ones that stay inside with a set of energy-efficient replacement windows from Vista Windows & Doors! Click here for your FREE quote! 

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