The World of Soluna™

A rainbow of fabric choices, exclusive PrecisionLift™ cordless technology, motorization and more.  Soluna™ has a special solution that will bring your home comfort, grace and style – morning, day or night. Choose from hundreds of luxury fabrics ranging from sheer to room darkening. Enjoy more comfort and style with our advanced lift technology and a host of custom options.

Precision Lift Cordless


Featuring an exclusive one-touch lift technology for quick and accurate control. Raise and lower with no additional tugging. Child and pet safe.


Chose from the latest color trends, textures, patterns and opacities ranging from sheer to room darkening.

LightGuards 360

An all around room darkening solution when total light control is desired.



Raise or lower your shades with the push of a button. Our quiet, energy-efficient motors deliver convenience and consistent performance. Certified Best for Kids.

Dual Shades

Like two shades in one, the dual layered approach features one shade behind another shade for the ultimate in versatility.

UV Protection


Our shades protect against fading or your furniture, flooring or precious art work.