Anlin First Guard
Laminated Security Glass

Anlin First Guard Laminated Security Glass, your first line of defense in a changing world, provides invaluable response time for your family during home security threats. By creating a near impenetrable triple layer lamination of glass and polymer, Anlin First Guard provides greater protection from “Home Invasions,” adds critical response time and stops today’s “Smash and Grab” burglaries. Most home alarm sensors connect to window and door frames making standard glass an easy access point, but not with Anlin First Guard.

Anlin First Guard Laminated Security Glass complies with ASTM F1233 Forced Entry Test/Class 1.1/1.3 security glazing standards. This is the equivalent of withstanding an assault of 20 hits from a 32 ounce hammer wielded by a 250 pound person without penetration of the window in excess of a hole, eight(8) inches in diameter. Anlin First Guard doubles the thickness of the protective polyvinyl butyral inner layer fused between 2 layers of glass. It is engineered to fracture, but remain in place, even after repeated attempts to break in. Anlin First Guard Laminated Security Glass can be used with any or all windows and doors throughout the house.


Rest Easier Knowing You Have Security Glass
Your Safety Comes First

Provides Greater Sound Reduction
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