Home intrusions are among the scariest things to happen to any homeowner. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what happened to these homeowners in Moreno Valley. As you can see from the before photos, the home had some old, dated wooden double doors that made it too easy for an intruder to kick in. Thankfully, nobody got hurt. To ensure this never happens to them again, they reached out to us to get the best door on the market, a set of fiberglass doors. With these brand new, durable, and heavy-duty doors, the homeowners are safer now more than ever. To add to the fun of getting new doors, the homeowners selected a set of doors with painted leaded glass inserts to match their home’s aesthetic – take about making functional and beautiful additions to your home. Looking to enhance your home’s security and beauty? Call us at (626) 359-3600 or click here to get started today!



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