Top Reasons to Replace Your Entry Door

Front doors are often neglected until something is wrong with them. Yes, replacing your front door when it is damaged or broken is necessary, but that’s not the only reason you should consider installing a new one. Here are some of the top reasons to replace your entry door.

Increases Home Security

Your front door protects your family from the weather, noise, intruders, and many other things. The most common options when choosing a front door are steel or fiberglass.

Fiberglass doors are popular for many homeowners because they are designed to have a wood-like look and texture. These doors do not warp, rot, shrink, or swell like wood; the only maintenance they require is a wipe-down with a damp cloth every once in a while.

Wood doors are the least efficient type of door. They cost the most, require routine maintenance, and are the least secure. Wood doors rot, warp, and provide little insulation. Vista Windows and Doors only sell fiberglass doors because they are one of the best options for a new entry door.

Better Durability and Reduced Maintenance

As a homeowner, you know that a home requires maintenance often. By installing a quality front door, you reduce the maintenance in one area of your home. Fiberglass doors require very little maintenance and resist warping, giving you years of use without the hassle of continuously checking that it is effectively working.

Increases Energy Efficiency

The insulating materials in fiberglass doors, paired with weather-stripping systems, work to contain heat in the winter and keep the heat out in summer. Older doors, especially wood, allow drafts to come into your home, so you lose cooling and heating. Over time, this causes your energy bill to rise. If the door has warped or the frame is worn, moisture can build up, leading to mold and water damage.

Increases Home Value

A higher-quality, better-looking front door can increase the value of your home. When people are house shopping, first impressions are important, and a front door can have a huge impact on those looking at your home.

Improve Your Home with Vista Windows and Doors

A new front door will improve the overall appearance of your home. A front door is an easy and less expensive way to increase the appearance of your home. A new door is a cost-effective way to refresh your home’s look without undergoing major exterior remodeling. Even changing the color or adding a door with sidelights creates an entirely new look and gives your home a unique and personal design.

Your front door sets the stage for your home, and investing in a new entry door creates a home you are proud to show off. Call Vista Windows and Doors at (626) 359-3600 or click here to get a FREE estimate for your one-of-a-kind fiberglass entry door!

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