Take a look at this patio door replacement project we recently completed in Pasadena, CA. For this home, the homeowners wanted to replace their outdated French sliding patio door with new sliding doors. Their old French sliding patio doors consisted of grids that obstructed their views and windows that lacked energy-efficiency features. With these Anlin sliding patio doors, the homeowners can now enjoy a clearer view of their patio and a more energy-efficient home. Anlin is a leading window and door manufacturing company that offer the best energy-saving solutions. Their windows and doors are constructed with dual pane windows coated with low emissivity (LoE) coatings that allow enhanced natural light while keeping the heat out. If you’re looking to replace your outdated patio doors with some new and modern ones, we are here for you! We offer quality windows and expert installations so you can enjoy all the amazing benefits that come with new doors. Call us at (626) 359-3600 or click here to get started today!

anlin slider window pasadena
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