In a recent transformation in Monrovia, CA, Vista Windows and Doors upgraded an outdoor office and workout room with cutting-edge window and door solutions. The previous setup featured a free-hanging sliding wood door and window, lacking screens and modern efficiency. Our skilled team replaced these outdated installations with a sleek, custom black sliding patio door and a matching black awning window. The new sliding patio door, now framed, offers enhanced structural stability and improved thermal performance due to its large energy-efficient glass panels. This ensures the room remains comfortable year-round, significantly reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Advantages of New Installations

Adding the custom black awning window further elevates the functionality and aesthetic of the space. Awning windows are known for providing ventilation even during light rain, thanks to their outward opening mechanism at the bottom. This feature makes them particularly suitable for varying Californian weather, allowing fresh air to circulate without letting water in. Moreover, the energy-efficient design of the awning window complements the patio door, creating a cohesive look while maximizing the natural light and maintaining optimal indoor temperature.

Upgrade with Vista Windows and Doors

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